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Consulting _Services

Brian Rickman has programmed and lead radio stations to success for over 30 years.  As an MD, PD, OM and VP/Programming, Brian has worked in the largest of markets  (NYC)  and served in the trenches of small, unrated markets as a consultant.  Regardless of the task at hand, Rickman has always made it a point to aggressively pursue innovative strategies for his client brands.  Whether that means being ahead of the curve with social media or developing custom formats for clients with specific marketplace needs, Brian has risen to the challenge and delivered outstanding ratings and cash-flow results for his employers.

The Rickman Consultancy/Static Multimedia specializes in providing small market clients with cost effective consulting services.  For a fraction of the cost of most large consultant groups, we can deliver a “big market sound” while never losing sight of your station's community ties and desire to super-serve local direct clients.

We offer the following services:


*  Custom library creation.
*   Week to week music scheduling  (via Selector, Music Master or Power Gold).
*  Management and On-Air Talent consulting.
*  Complete, new station/new format build outs.
*  Voice-tracking talent.
*  “PD In A Box” - let us Program your station day to day; market visits included.
*  “Format In A Box” - take a look at our groundbreaking formats and implement one in your market.  We'll guide you through the whole process.
*  Much more.  Just contact us with your needs and we'll develop a proposal

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